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Prepare yourself for a world-class touring experience!
Explore very special places around Lake Superior; visit the Canadian province of Ontario and three U.S. states – Minnesota, Wisconsin & Michigan all on one fabulous circle tour trip or do it in stages over 2 or 3 years or longer. Visit all five Lake Superior Travel Regions and become a 5-Star Admiral of the Circle Tour. Immerse yourself in the friendly bustle of our lakeside communities and meet interesting people from Canada and the U.S. along your Lake Superior journey.
Our distinct 1,300-mile circle tour by highway around the world’s largest and most famous freshwater lake will absolutely amaze your senses. Lake Superior’s changing moods and awesome power will thrill and fascinate you. Simply enjoy the natural beauty of the water with its 2726 miles of shoreline, cliffs and beaches. In some places you can’t even see to the other side, Lake Superior is very large much like a huge crystal clean inland sea. Read More

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